So how mature is Australia’s governance?

Across all industries and sectors, it seems organisations in Australia are committed to fine-tuning their governance arrangements and becoming more mature.

Grosvenor undertakes an annual study into the state of governance in Australia. We see this as part of our contribution to the governance profession and we share our insights and knowledge through speaking engagements.

In this annual study, we look at the maturity levels of governance in Australian organisations and identify governance strengths and opportunities for improvement.

This annual study is based on questionnaire responses and qualitative interviews from 177 participants across 2022-2023.

So how mature are we in our governance?
What types of organisations have greater governance maturity?
Which industries have greater governance maturity?
So, how good are we at formal governance structures and documented artefacts compared to better practice?
How mature are we in project and program governance?

Looks like we have some growing to do.

In the meantime be among the first in Australia to receive a copy of the study by requesting your copy of With maturity comes strength. Email the author Charitee Davies: