National health program administration review

Following a crucial change to the delivery of a national health program and the imminent expiry of the current funding agreement, an Australian Government department engaged Grosvenor to conduct a review of the Program. As a result of this review, the Department is now equipped with the right information to confidently make decisions about the future administration of the Program initiative.

Overcoming data inconsistencies through evaluation

In 2013, a Commonwealth funding initiative to improve the delivery of services across Australia through the use of digital technologies concluded. Grosvenor was engaged by the Department to conduct a final summative evaluation of the initiative to assess its achievements, outcomes and impacts as well as lessons learned for future policy development.

Department of Employment | Corporate Level KPIs

The client required assistance in creating a complete set of effective corporate-level KPIs. Together with the Department, Grosvenor’s team was able to develop a number of internally supported KPIs that focus on mission-critical functions. Adopting a collaborative and consultative approach assisted our client’s understanding of how to develop appropriate and effective corporate-level performance indicators in line with better practice.

Improving primary health care through evaluation

Northern Melbourne Medicare Local (NMML) needed a comprehensive stocktake of the delivery of primary health services across their five Local Government Areas (LGAs) to inform strategic direction over the next three years. Grosvenor was engaged to conduct extensive primary care service capacity mapping and a needs assessment for the five LGAs in NMML.

NCPHN Development of Workforce Profile

The client had a lack of understanding of the region’s workforce in order to establish a workforce strategy. Grosvenor was able to work with the client to weaken longstanding differences and build a diverse, supportive and productive Steering Group. An inclusive and solution-driven approach empowered the Steering Group to actively contribute to the project’s final outcomes.

Gaining valuable insight into a grant program

Our client, a NSW Government agency responsible for administering clean energy programs, had just conducted an application round for one of their $20 million grant programs. With a potential second round of applications opening imminently, our client was seeking to optimise the application and assessment process for this program.