How effectively are you measuring and communicating your performance?

Whether you’re looking at the performance of an agency as a whole or an individual branch or program, effective performance measurement and reporting needs to take place at every level of your organisation.

Our practice consists of thought leaders and experts who have helped a wide range of public sector agencies in effectively measuring and communicating their performance internally, as well as to Parliament and the community.

We can help you with:

  • Telling a meaningful and evidence-based performance story
  • Creating a performance-orientated culture, including the utilisation of performance management plans in the day-to-day management as well as strategic planning of the organisation and its operations
  • Adhering to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, Resource Management Guides and ANAO requirements in a way that is relevant and practical for your organisation
  • Facilitating cross-agency collaboration to optimise the use and sharing of available data for citizen-centric policy outcomes
  • Measuring policy performance – the intangible and tricky – and the contribution of policy advice to the Department’s outcomes
  • Establishing simple and clear processes that assist Divisions, Branches and Business Units to effectively and efficiently complete their Business Plans without causing a significant administrative burden

And here’s how we do it:

We apply leading practice in our review, development, and application of every element of the performance measurement cycle.

Services include:

  • Establishing comprehensive Performance Management Frameworks from the identification of data needs and benchmarks to developing data collection strategies and tools
  • Conducting a Corporate Plan Health Check – a high-level desktop review that focuses on the appropriateness of the Corporate Plan’s overall structure, format, and individual performance measures
  • Establishing practical and sound Business Planning Frameworks, including supporting documentation, tools, and templates
  • Providing our tailored Performance Measures Assessment Tool – a leave-behind application that can assist with the development and evaluation of the appropriateness of performance measures at all levels of the organisation

Case Studies

Insights & Resources

Insights & Resources

Rewriting Your Corporate Plan To Tell an Engaging and Clear Performance Story

A non-traditional, more creative approach to composing your strategic planning document.

How can we change the Corporate Plan to become a more engaging and practical document?

A step by step guide helping you:

  • Break down the basics of your Corporate Plan
  • Craft your Corporate Plan narrative
  • Provide you with proposed headings for each stage of your Plan
  • Ask the right questions at each stage of your Corporate Plan