National health program administration review

Following a crucial change to the delivery of a national health program and the imminent expiry of the current funding agreement, an Australian Government department engaged Grosvenor to conduct a review of the Program. As a result of this review, the Department is now equipped with the right information to confidently make decisions about the future administration of the Program initiative.

Strengthening stakeholder relationships through monitoring and evaluation

A Commonwealth Department engaged Grosvenor to develop an evaluation framework, including data collection tools, for a nationwide-initiative across a number of industry sectors. The framework aimed to achieve rigorous monitoring and evaluation activities over the life of the program.

DFAT | Process Optimisation

The client needed to improve its workflow management, and gain insights into possible management information system solutions. Grosvenor’s team was able to improve workflow management through customer-centric and practical processes as well as enhanced systems.

Northern Hospice Feasibility Study

Through this study, Grosvenor assessed the need for, and feasibility of, a dedicated hospice service in Launceston. This included analysis of the current, unmet and expected future demand for hospice care in Northern Tasmania, including existing hospice and palliative care services and the capacity of these services to meet the community need now and in the future.

New organisational structure facilitates collaboration and improves outcomes

Grosvenor enabled the Executive of the State Enforcement Agency to gain broad support for change, despite the challenging start. Our approach ensured stakeholders continued to remain committed to the change, through effective stakeholder communication and engagement.

Process changes speed up service delivery and reduce complaints

Safety Regulator had outdated technology and systems was struggling to keep up with demand for its services and meet its own performance targets. With findings from our review, the client was able to overcome outdated technology and systems and improve performance targets.

Gaining valuable insight into a grant program

Our client, a NSW Government agency responsible for administering clean energy programs, had just conducted an application round for one of their $20 million grant programs. With a potential second round of applications opening imminently, our client was seeking to optimise the application and assessment process for this program.

Getting to the root of community’s dissatisfaction and pave a clear roadmap for improved relationship

A local council was experiencing increasingly low levels of community satisfaction with the services across the organisation, and particularly with its Statutory Planning Services unit. A very vocal community was dissatisfied with the customer service of the statutory planning unit, raising concerns that the team's service delivery was not citizen-centric

digital transformation

A review into NSW Digital survey plans – the Grosvenor Review

The NSW Department of Customer Service (DCS) engaged Grosvenor to conduct a review of digital survey plans. This review was part of the digital reforms process that the NSW is committed to enhancing the customer experience and survey delivery for the people and businesses of New South Wales.

Development of a capability framework and operating model to enable success

We were approached by a government regulator who plays a vital role in supporting Australia to transition to a low carbon economy. The regulator was looking to develop a future-proofed capability framework, operating model and governance structure, to match the type of work they do and expanding field they operate in.

Understanding the priorities of our Victorian veterans

Grosvenor delivered the Victorian veterans’ sector review to the Victorian Veterans Council (supported by the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet) to provide a current assessment of the Victorian veterans’ sector, and inform the Council’s strategic planning for the future.

5 keys

5 key focus areas to build an effective Performance Management Framework

The new Performance Management Framework that GPG developed, distinguished the strategic outcomes from the operational outcomes identified. This way, our client received top line data and weren’t overwhelmed with information that was irrelevant to them.

Radio Telescopes

Launching a client’s strategy into the stratosphere

Our client had already devised a strategy but needed the Grosvenor team to develop a Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (M&E Framework) for their strategy.