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Is your program facing these challenges?

  • you are just starting out and there are no structures or frameworks in place
  • you need some program delivery options for addressing a policy commitment
  • you are worried that you don’t have a real feel for how things are traveling
  • you know how much you are spending on the program, but not if it’s delivering on outcomes
  • you don’t have the information you need to make informed decisions about the program’s future
  • your many stakeholders all want different things from the program
  • there is a high level of internal or external scrutiny on your program
  • you need to demonstrate the program’s impact
  • you feel the program’s governance could be strengthened

We help Policy and Program Managers:

  • design fit-for-purpose programs based on robust data and processes
  • conduct research and analysis to better understand and define program needs
  • establish clear program objectives and alignment with organisational strategy
  • identify indicators to track performance and highlight areas of risk
  • evaluate program performance 
  • manage and improve program delivery and outcomes
  • develop evaluation capability in your team and organisation
  • communicate defensible results 
  • engage stakeholders and end users in productive conversations
  • assure compliance and effectively manage risk
  • transition to more efficient delivery mechanisms and processes

We do this by:

  • working across all phases of the program lifecycle from initial planning and design to ongoing performance monitoring, and conducting evaluations at key points
  • developing structured plans and frameworks to guide monitoring and evaluation activities
  • using robust evidence and analysis to set your program on the right path
  • developing performance systems which provide visibility of results and risks to those who need to know
  • designing evaluations to deliver the answers you need
  • sharing learnings and better practice to optimise business processes and systems 
  • focussing on end user outcomes
  • considering the practically of the recommendations we make 
  • transferring knowledge to equip your team with practical know-how

Our Program Evaluation Services

Planning & Design

Unsure of where to start to design a fit for purpose and successful program?

We provide evidence based program design and research services to make sure your program is implementation ready, compliant and better practice. 

Program Design

Align the desired outcomes with the delivery mechanism.

Deep Insight

Let us conduct the research or analysis needed to set your program on the right path.

Framework Development

Set yourself up to collect, analyse and report on performance through a robust M&E Framework.


Performance Monitoring

Worried that you don’t have a real feel for how things are travelling?

We provide the right measures and results at your fingertips so that you can head off any problems.

Indicator Development

Identify the key indicators that will track performance and highlight risks.

Performance systems

Manage data, reporting and decision making and integrate improvements seamlessly.

Managed performance reporting

Let us do the analysis and reporting for you, so you can concentrate on making decisions.


Program Evaluation

Don’t have the information you need to make decisions about the program’s future?

We provide practical solutions to complex problems with a focus on maximising the value to you. 


We’ll assess the program and answer your key questions.

Evaluation Capability

Improve your organisation’s evaluation capability. 


We’ll work with your staff to build on the ground capability. 



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